New Adventures

تاريخ التحديث: 29 يوليو 2020

On 3/17/20 my new adventure with Clay Cooley Auto Group abruptly ended that afternoon because of the Coronavirus. I was classified as executive... six figures plus and helped developed a new division so of course I was first to be let go and the division was shut down.

Am I mad? Not at all... Am I going to sit around and wait? Wait for what? LOL On to the next adventure...

A few years ago I did some marketing for a friend that owns a company that invented a product that destroys and protects against germs and viruses. The product originated in the car business (Same ingredient over 200k cars treated) reference: we were selling it in dealerships. A couple years ago we decided to branch out and made PREVNT and TOUCHPOINT using part of the same formula H2O2 with TIO2. Just giving you a little insight how it all came about. The product was amazing and I even tried selling it to dealers but no one was really that interested in disinfecting their businesses at the time... Boy has that changed.

On 3/18/20 I have assembled my team that includes partnering with a laboratory in Dallas area. I developed my own formula using organic minerals to combat germs and viruses. It's like spraying a thin sheet of glass on objects that are frequently touched. Once any organisms land on it they are destroyed. I pulled in Paul Salfen - publicist, Jeff (JR) Carey - phone pro, Brittany Spaniel - bookkeeper, Mike Nast -Social Media Guru, Freddy Cain - sales and marketing, and the beautiful and talented Mayra Leal - En Español International Brand Ambassador. to help with the company.

Tom Stokes, CEO holding a gallon of PURTEQ PREVNT in 2016

Need a company name...

I wasn't sure what to call the new company, I mean it's 2020 so everything good is taken. Talking to a friend he came up with DisinGerm which means (Disinfecting for Germs) I built the website and launched DisinGerm. We have several teams that install the product and we're happy to help you and your family stay safe during this trying time.

Make sure you like us on facebook @DisinGerm If you know anyone that would like their vehicles, home, office, boat, etc cleansed and protected by our products DISINGERM GUARD AND SHIELD. We're also working on a formula for automotive only called OXIVIN. Please let us know how we can help you. Be safe out there!

What is Disingerm

Disingerm is the latest innovation in surface purification technology! Disingerm Guard and Shield is an advanced surface purification coating based on the latest Tio2 nano technology! For more info about Disingerm and it's application please contact us.

Read letter to businesses from Tom Stokes, CEO of nuVuvez LLC, founder of

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Disingerm™ is a woman-owned MADE IN AMERICA  business. The Disingerm™ logo and warrior knight logo are the property of Disingerm™, Inc. all rights reserved © Copyright 2020.  Disingerm™ offers a complete home, office, warehouse, and vehicle cleaning and disinfecting service. Cleansing and protection designed to destroy germs, bacteria, viruses, and infectious diseases for you, your family, your employees, and your customers.  Disingerm™ is a cleansing and disinfecting service company in Texas. Click here to see why we're the top professional virus cleaning and disinfecting service for commercial properties and vehicles.



Disingerm™ uses EPA-approved, environmentally friendly, non toxic, non corrosive, non irritant solutions. We use several formulas that are safe on all surfaces and around people, pets, and food with no wiping off needed. As an added bonus, we now Disingerm™ your A/C units as well. Click here to see the products we use to help eliminate health threats. 

Service areas: 
​We sanitize and protect in the following cities... Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Garland, Mesquite, Rockwall, Richardson, Wylie, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Lewisville,  Carrollton, The Colony, Irving, Euless, Grand Prairie, Bedford, Grapevine, Addison, Denton, and surrounding areas.